Painful Intercourse

One of Canada's 1st gynaecologists to offer a laser treatment that renews vaginal tissue and puts an end to dryness, burning, and itching.

We see many women who have the same story. Sex was great, and now it feels horrible and I avoid it at all costs. Why does this happen?

Before menopause (when estrogen is present) the vagina is rich in blood flow, pink in colour, has thickness, and produces moisture which helps with lubrication for intercourse. As estrogen levels fall and eventually disappear during menopause, the vagina becomes pale, the skin becomes thin and dry, and the vagina is unable to provide the healthy lubrication required for enjoyable intercourse and instead results in painful intercourse. Along with this, there may be changes to odor and ultimately a decreased desire for intercourse.

This condition, referred to as atrophy affects over 80% of women. Women are now talking about it and want something done. As natural as the aging process is, accepting it, is not always necessary.

Hormones may help some, but are not for everyone. Over the counter solutions are messy, expensive and ineffective. Now available are new, non-hormonal tech solutions, which can promote changes in the vagina that increase blood flow, restore the normal bacteria and thicken tissue to decrease or eliminate the pain with intercourse.

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