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Happiness is: no more dry vagina!

Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal Dryness

The natural lubrication of the vagina that occurs is a result of regular intercourse and appropriate pH and blood flow and appropriate amounts of estrogen. As women age and estrogen levels fall, this lubrication can decrease as blood flow changes. As a result, intercourse can become painful, and there can be bleeding and tearing of the skin both outside and inside the vagina.

Often, before seeking the help of their physician, women will try over the counter vaginal moisturizers, lubricants, and other creams or oils usually to no avail. A physician can offer solutions that are hormonal, either locally or systemically.

A tech solution we have had for a few years now, has proven to be very helpful. It offers a safe, non-hormonal approach that will restore the vagina to its premenopausal state, relieving the problem of a dry vagina.