Vaginal Dryness

One of Canada's 1st gynaecologists to offer a laser treatment that renews vaginal tissue and puts an end to dryness, burning, and itching.

Natural lubrication for the vagina is a result of regular intercourse and appropriate pH and blood flow. As women age, blood flow decreases and therefore intercourse can become painful, the natural lubrication decreases and often over the counter products are used, which are usually less than ideal. These changes continue over time. Treatment with the mona Lisa Touch laser reverses these changes and stimulates blood flow, collagen to the vagina and hence increases lubrication. Once women continue to enjoy intercourse, their natural lubrication will continue to be produced

When the tissues of the vagina are not lubricated well, vaginal dryness occurs. This can happen at any age but it is more commonly experienced by older women. Vaginal dryness can make sexual intercourse uncomfortable or even painful. It can also cause bacterial or yeast infections.


There are a few factors that may contribute to vaginal dryness. The most common of those factors is having low estrogen levels. The hormone estrogen keeps the vaginal tissues healthy and lubricated. Douching and using certain products like soaps and perfumes can lead to dryness, too. Taking medicine for allergies or anxiety can also contribute to vaginal dryness. A low libido may also give way to dryness.


Some of the symptoms of vaginal dryness are:

  • Soreness
  • Itching or burning sensation
  • Mild vaginal discharge
  • Painful intercourse
  • Light bleeding during or after intercourse

The Mona Lisa Touch laser can help reverse changes in the body. It can stimulate blood flow and hence increase lubrication. When a woman begins or continues to enjoy intercourse, she will notice that natural lubrication will once again be produced.

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