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Sore Vagina

As women go through menopause, the estrogen levels fall, and this leads to urogenital atrophy, a condition that affects the bladder, vulva and vagina in over 80% of women. At some point, the genital area may be “sore”. This is a vague term, but one that is often used to describe something that doesn’t feel right in the vagina/vulva. It is important to see a physician when this happens, as in most cases there is an effective treatment, once a diagnosis has been made.

A further history trying to pinpoint the location of the discomfort and the type of discomfort will help. An examination looking at the vulva and vagina, and the skin around the anus will pinpoint further the problem. Culture from the bladder and/or vagina may be done and a biopsy may be recommended.

Often with genital urinary atrophy, the physician may not “see” anything apart from thin, dry skin that can be both on the inside of the vagina or the outside. Environmental changes that would include eliminating soap and also bathing salts or lotion may be necessary. Steroid, hormonal or tech solutions may be available for the “soreness”.

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