Vaginal Care Tips for the Summer

Very few topics are as embarrassing and awkward as a sweaty vagina. It’s definitely not your favourite topic for chit-chat. But it does exist and a lot of women experience it, so we believe it’s something that we do need to discuss – especially because summer is here! With the warm weather and the increased

Common Vaginal Infections You Should Be Aware Of

Do you sometimes suffer from a burning feeling down there? Do your vagina itch? These are just some of the most common vaginal infection symptoms that you have to watch out for. And because their treatments vary depending on the condition, it is better that you know how to determine the type of vaginal infection

Gym-Goers: How to Take Care of Your “V”

Going to the gym is a part of many women’s daily lives. It’s great, too, that you want to make sure you are in good shape! However, do you know that your lady parts may be at risk every time you visit the gym? Aside from vaginal injuries due to physical activities (which really are

Simple Ways to Take Care of Your Vagina

We all know that you, ladies, take care of your health the best way you could. But, how well do you care for your vagina? You probably know this, but we’d say it over again – it is very important to have a healthy vagina. It’s very sensitive, and aside from that, you know the

The MonaLisa Touch and How It Can Help You

Are you suffering from vaginal atrophy? Then you should know that you are not alone. There are countless women out there, especial those who are menopausal or post-menopausal who are experiencing vaginal dryness, itching, burning, decreased lubrication and painful intercourse, which are all symptoms of vaginal atrophy.   Years ago, women with vaginal atrophy had

Vaginal Conditions Women Experience as They Age

Just when you thought your vagina had it worst during puberty and childbirth, you are hit with aging and menopause and you find that your lady parts are up to see some more changes. You may be wondering why you haven’t heard of this before. Well, it’s not a trending topic, so yes, you’re probably

Preventing Vaginal Infections

A lot of women experience bothersome vaginitis or vaginal infections at some point. Your vulva, which is the area around the entrance to your vagina can get easily irritated and inflamed. Because vaginal infections usually happen without warning, many women believe that there is nothing you can do but deal with it when it happens.

5 Things Your Vagina May Be Telling You

As a woman, you are probably used to how amazing your vagina is. It is functional and very strong (just ask any mother who has gone through natural childbirth). Because you have had it for forever, you hardly spend time paying attention to it, apart from the usual routine you do for your hygiene.  

Reasons to Consider the MonaLisa Touch

If you are a woman in your menopausal stage, it’s probable that you have experienced some discomfort or maybe even dryness, something called vaginal atrophy. If intercourse is also painful because of this vaginal atrophy, you may be interested in the MonaLisa Touch procedure.   Who Can Benefit from the MonaLisa Touch? In general, any