Welcome To FemRenew by Dr. Fay Weisberg

FemRenew by Dr. Weisberg, is one of the first clinics in the country to offer the Health Canada approved, scientifically proven, state-of-the-art MonaLisa Touch Laser Treatment to rejuvenate vaginal and sexual health.

In 3 easy, under 5-minute in-clinic treatments, FemRenew will safely deliver immediate and lasting relief of a myriad of vaginal conditions. The treatment is non-hormonal, with no anesthesia or downtime required.

If you are experiencing vaginal discomfort, please book an appointment with us to
see if you are a candidate for this treatment.

Benefits Of The Treatment

Symptom Relief After
Just One Treatment

Requires No

Completed In Office

Treated Conditions


Vaginal Dryness

The laser will be able to increase
lubrication and reverse changes in your vagina that will encourage blood flow and collagen to the vagina.

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Sore Vagina

the laser renews the vagina back to its
pre-menopausal state by thickening the vaginal tissue, increasing blood flow and collagen.

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Vaginal Itch

The laser restores the vaginal tissue to
alleviate discomfort by thickening the vaginal tissue that will decrease the vagina to feel itchy or dry.

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Painful Intercourse:

The laser restores the normal bacteria and
thickens tissue to eliminate pain and bleeding during intercourse with your partner.

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