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MonaLisa Testimonials



"My friends and family told me it just came with age you know; drying up down there, some pain, burning with sex, well let's call that sandpaper sex. When I talked about these issues with Dr. Weisberg, she told me about the MonaLisa Touch. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I've now had 2 of 3 five minute treatments. I don't know whats more surprising, the fact that the treatments are so fast and painless or the results. I'm no longer dry, I have no pain and sandpaper never comes to mind during sex. I've recommended the treatment to many friends and if Dr. Weisberg says its right for you, I suggest you go for it. You don't know what you're missing.

Thank you Dr Weisberg."




"What physician do you know who would extend themselves to helping someone from out of town on a Sunday no less? Dr. Weisberg has shown me nothing short of dedicated compassion in response to my issues with vaginal atrophy associated with menopause. She offers the MonaLisa Touch laser treatment which is painless and there is no downtime. This is the most hope I have been offered throughout this 'change of life'. Through the sisterhood of sharing she is helping other women to feel more like themselves. Restored and rejuvenated. Thank you Dr. Weisberg. "




"I would like to take this opportunity to express to you a personal testimonial for the MonaLisa Touch therapy. I had come to accept that as I matured through my 60's to 70, my body began to tell my age. I thought my recurring symptoms of dryness, urgency, itchiness and an uncomfortable awkwardness was simply a sign of aging. My PF balance was also not balanced, and I at times I felt painfully unfeminine. When my most highly respected Ob/Gyn physician, Dr. Fay Weisberg, suggested trying MonaLisa Touch, after carefully listening to my complaints. I trusted her expertise and agreed to the procedure after having the steps involved explained in terms that I clearly understood. I am delighted to report, that after the first treatment, I immediately felt better. The procedure was painless, barely 5 minutes long, no after effects whatsoever, and I was back at work within less than an hour. The second and third treatments were equally painless, and the results have been truly amazing. My complaints have all vanished, and I feel so much better both physically and emotionally. I feel almost young again.

Thank you for this new and modern technique of restoring my quality of life.  MonaLisa Touch has been a miracle worker."

Yours very truly,




I'm in my late 60's and for over 10 years I've experienced vaginal dryness and as I got older, it got worse. I've tried everything - over-the-counter and prescription creams, lotions, gels, and even an "estrogen ring" that was kept in place for 3 months at a time and never felt right. As time went on, nothing seemed to work. I was in more pain during intercourse, and our sex life diminished to the extent that it was affecting our marriage. I spoke to my GP and said "surely in this day and age, there MUST be something that will work!" and she referred me to Dr. Fay Weisberg for a chat.

After meeting Dr. Weisberg and hearing about the MonaLisa Touch process, I thought "what do I have to lose?". Even after the first treatment, I could feel a difference. The 3 treatments are so easy that, in fact, I saw Dr. Weisberg on my lunch hour, had a treatment, and went back to work.

Besides relieving my vaginal dryness, I don't have to get up during the night to urinate, which is a big plus.

I want to thank Dr. Weisberg - her expertise and kindness and the MonaLisa Touch process have literally saved my marriage! I feel like I'm 40 again. Both my husband and I are thrilled.