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 Our sex life is back!


Sex with Dr. Jess

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting with Dr. Fay Weisberg, a Toronto-based gynecologist, who has recently introduced new technology that piqued my interest. I don’t have a background in medicine, so I asked her to explain a bit more about the Mona Lisa Touch treatment:

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This interview is about a sensitive topic – vaginal health.  It’s something we don’t tend to talk about, but we should. Dr. Fay Weisberg is a menopause and fertility specialist and she got the conversation started this morning.

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Zoomer Magazine

It’s said that happiness can come from the simplest things. For women who’ve had treatment and/or surgery for breast or other cancers of the upper body, that can be as basic as doing up their bra, says Susi Hately. Scarring can leave their muscles weak and tight, which can restrict movement and range of motion explain Hately, a kinesiologist, and therapeutic yoga instructor.

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My Town Crier

York Mills gynecologist Fay Weisberg wants to talk about to you about your vaginas, ladies.

The 56-year-old, who helms the First Steps Fertility Clinic at Yonge and York Mills has introduced MonaLisa Touch, a laser treatment that helps reverse the urogenital atrophy in women aged 40 to 65 plus.

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10 common health myths you seriously need to stop believing

Health confusion seems to be at an all-time high nowadays: On Instagram, Twitter and blogs there are “expert” opinions on everything, from diet to fertility to sex. Here, we dispel 10 health myths so you can make your decisions with confidence, whether you’re trying to cure a UTI or overhauling your diet..

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Vaginal Dryness – Lubricating Lady Bits

At a family BBQ my husband and I hosted this summer, my hubby’s cousin asked me if I had heard about FemRenew, a laser treatment to improve the health and wellbeing of the vagina. (Yes, when you’re a sex therapist, sex often becomes a topic of conversation, family BBQ or not.) I had not heard of this particular remedy for vaginal dryness and pain so I was curious to learn more about lasering lady bits. I met with Dr. Fay Weisberg at her clinic to ask her about the treatment.

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Talking Vaginal Health with Dr. Fay Weisberg

“Caring for your vagina as you age should come as naturally as caring for your skin and hair.”

Women are typically quite diligent when it comes to taking careful care of their hair and skin as they age, but often, vaginal health is overlooked.   The vagina is a very delicate area and the skin on the outside is very susceptible to damage from chemicals and other irritants.  Hair and fat on the labia work to protect the vagina, and as we loose both as we age, the skin surrounding it becomes even more likely to be affected.

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