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If menopausal or postmenopausal, it's probably not a yeast infection.

Vaginal Itch

Vaginal Itch

Vaginal or vulvar itching is one of the most common conditions that affect women’s vulvas. Most women, with itching, will go to the store and purchase over the counter treatments aimed towards curing a yeast infection. Before menopause, this is not a bad idea, however most women when they are menopausal do not have yeast infections, and seeing your physician is recommended.

Vagina/vulvar itching in postmenopausal women can be related to many different conditions. Environmental factors such as bath salts and even soaps in the shower may be a cause of itching. Skin conditions such as lichen sclerosis may cause itching, and one of the more common problems is vaginal/vulvar atrophy.

As estrogen levels decrease in postmenopausal women, the skin in the vulva and vagina thins and no longer has a rich blood supply or thick tissue. This thinning, or atrophy, may cause vaginal itching due to its dryness – similar to dry skin elsewhere in the body that causes an itchy sensation.

If vaginal/vulva itching is a problem, a consultation with Dr. Weisberg will lead to a diagnosis and treatment options. Your recommended treatment could include lifestyle changes for bathing, and possible hormonal, steroidal or tech solutions.