Great Practices for Great Vaginal Health

No one wants to experience any vaginal discomfort, no matter what the age. It is also the responsibility of all women to be concerned about their vaginal health. What does it mean to have a healthy vagina, you ask? A healthy vagina is naturally acidic and it contains rich quantities of good bacteria that help

Vaginal Odour: What Changes as Women Age

As if hot flashes and night sweats aren’t enough, some women also have to endure changes in body odour as a part of menopause. These changes in one’s body odour can lead to dejection, embarrassment, and anxiety most especially in social situations. However, body odour can be controlled so women can still regain their confidence.

What Happens During Menopause

In our world today, menopause is sometimes seen as a negative milestone – a time of loss, and sometimes, it is even viewed as a disease or medical condition requiring a cure. No wonder some women, despite how healthy they are, tend to have negative feelings towards their bodies during this transition.   Menopausal Facts

Benefits of MonaLisa Touch Laser Treatment

As a woman ages, her body goes through different changes. When her estrogen count declines, it can lead to vaginal atrophy – irritation and dryness that cause pain during intercourse and other uncomfortable symptoms. In some cases, these symptoms can even alter one’s quality of life. However, there is a new laser treatment that is

The 5 Most Common Vaginal Discomforts

A woman will experience vaginal discomforts at some point in her life. These discomforts can be mild while others can have serious effects in a woman’s quality of life.   The 5 most common vaginal discomforts are: *Vaginal itching *Vaginal burning *Vaginal dryness *Vaginal discharge *Vaginal Irritaion   The cause of these symptoms is not

Vaginal Discharges: Different Causes and Types

Vaginal discharge can be a normal and regular occurrence. However, some types of discharge can indications of an infection. Abnormal discharge is usually caused by bacterial or yeast infection. As for the types, there are several that a woman can experience. The types are categorized based on their colours and consistency.   White A whitish

Common Vaginal Discomforts

Different types of bacteria naturally live inside the vagina. They produce acid that helps to fight off other bacteria as well as fungi and viruses that do not normally live in the vagina. Anything that decreases the acidity of the vagina can cause vaginal infections. Needless to say, vaginal infections are common and treatable.  

What You Need to Know About Vaginal Atrophy

Most women reach menopause between the ages 45 and 55, but for some women, it can occur earlier or sometimes even later in life. The average menopause age is 51 years old. For every woman, however, it can be different and there is no definitive way to predict when a woman will enter menopause. Women

Lubricants and Vaginal Infections

Bacterial vaginosis is a type of vaginal infection that occurs when the normal balance between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ vaginal bacteria is disrupted. Some symptoms include pain, discharge, and itching or burning sensations. There are some women, however, who experience no symptoms and the infection usually causes no long-term problems. It is still important to consider

Healthy Vaginal Facts Every Woman Should Know

Our society is fascinated with the female body, but you would be surprised with how much misinformation we have about the vagina. This article contains facts about the vagina that every woman should know. Read on to find out more!   1. Women do not urinate out of the vagina. There are three holes and