Painful Intercourse: How to Deal

Did you know that about 30% of women feel pain during sex? Yes, most of them however, are too embarrassed to see a doctor about it and would rather resign to the pain or avoid sex altogether. Are you one of these woman? Do not fret just yet because there are other effective ways for

Sore Vagina and What You Need to Know

“Why is my vagina sore?” – It’s one question women hope they’d never have to ask.  We don’t blame you. A sudden ache in your private parts truly makes thinking about anything else impossible. And because it’s not really something you can openly ask people around you, it can also make you feel lonely and

What Happens in Menopause

At about the age of 50 to 55, most women’s monthly cycles finally stops – no more periods, no more ovulations, and no more chances of pregnancies. Welcome to the world of menopause.   What Actually Happens Some women say that you can really feel it when you lose your ability to reproduce. Few say

Menopausal Changes You Should Prepare For

Contrary to popular belief, menopause is not just a phase. It is a permanent shut down of the ovarian function. Women should be encouraged even before menopause hits, and especially after it does, to take better care of themselves as well as their bodies. Being aware of menopause and the changes that come with it

Surprising Facts About Your ‘V’

You might think that you know there is everything you need to know about the vagina, but you might be surprised at how much you still do not know. We all know for a fact that the vagina is a wonderful yet mysterious organ. It is not enough for you to know just its anatomy

Common Vaginal Care Mistakes Women Commit

Nowadays, information on how to stay healthy is accessible to everyone. Proper nutrition, regular exercise, daily dose of vitamins and supplements are the most common ingredients to a healthy lifestyle. However, some women may be committing some vaginal care mistakes. Worse, some might even be overlooking vaginal health altogether.   The vagina knows how to

Vaginal Changes After Childbirth

After giving birth, a woman’s vagina may not remain or feel the same. It can be to the natural stretching or episiotomy (cut done by the doctor).   Immediately after childbirth, a woman’s vagina can feel sore and painful. It, however, improves within 6 to 12 weeks. The recovery period can further be accelerated with

Are You a Candidate for the MonaLisa Touch?

You might have heard of this life-changing treatment before: the MonaLisa Touch. It might have appealed to you and now you want to know if you are a candidate for it. Well, you’re in luck! This blog aims to help you understand if you can have this treatment.   What is the MonaLisa Touch? The

Vaginal Care for Older Women

Having various discomforts in the body is common especially with growing age. Vaginal discomfort is the most common occurrence for older women and this happens because there are various biological changes that occur internally. These changes also affect the menstrual cycle and yes, may lead to discomfort.   Women will experience menopause inevitably between the

How to Deal with Vaginal Itching

Itching anywhere on the body can cause anyone great discomfort – especially when it occurs in areas as sensitive as the vulva and vagina. Most genital itching is not a major concern, but they can still be symptoms of an infection. Vaginal itching is an uncomfortable symptom, sometimes painful, and it often occurs due to